Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is causing unprecedented disruptions to the U.S. economy. Government officials and health professionals are predicting that these disruptions could continue through September. Businesses are having to
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shutterstock_171265010For companies who operate in many jurisdictions, one of the major challenges of growing into a global company is ensuring compliance with many different local laws, regulations, rules, and customs.  It is an ongoing effort to manage as the business expands.  Following are 10 tips for a good global compliance program.  We discuss these areas briefly to spur discussion within your company about what you already have in place and if not, what should be done as soon as possible.

1.      Company-wide communication

The essence of a good compliance program is effective communication, to alert employees in advance of any changes, and on a regular basis.  Employees at every level in the company must understand the importance of the policies that are implemented and the potential penalties and other risks that can befall them — and the company — if they do not comply.
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