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Newly available vaccines against the Coronavirus have prompted a number of questions by US employers – including whether employee vaccination can be made a mandatory condition for returning to the workplace. The article below, prepared by Nancy Taylor, Co-Chair of GT’s Health Care and FDA Practice, and Jon Zimring, Co-Chair of GT’s Labor and Employment Practice’s Workforce Compliance & Regulatory Enforcement Group, outlines the issues involved when requiring employee vaccination, as recently outlined by the US’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.  Israel-based companies are welcome to contact GT Tel Aviv Labor & Employment Shareholder Meira Ferziger for additional information.

Since well before FDA approval of the first COVID-19 vaccine, many employers have contemplated whether eventual employee vaccination should be a voluntary or mandatory condition of returning to, or remaining at, the workplace. The current legal considerations surrounding employee vaccination depend on interpretation of many existing laws and other sources of employee rights in the workplace.

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