Join GT’s Chair of the Global Patent Prosecution Group Barry Schindler and IP & Technology Shareholder Adam Snukal , for the In-House IP Manager Forum Webinar “360 Degree Perspective on AI”.
With artificial intelligence (#AI) penetrating what seems like every product, platform and solution being developed today, we’ll examine various forms of transaction instruments (such as NDAs, MSAs and even purchase agreements) to understand the role of AI within those agreements, to consider which contractual clauses are particularly affected by AI, and to offer various negotiation strategies to ensure you’re well-positioned vis a vis AI. Covering topics such as protecting AI from both a confidentiality and IP ownership perspective, what about AI is proprietary/ownable, making representations and warranties around AI, AI vs. Privacy, AI in regulated industries (e.g., healthcare, cyber, fintech), analyzing data usage rights in light of AI, Licensing AI – what is licensable and what isn’t, can AI be acquired?

When: Tuesday, July 7 | 16.00 – 17.00 IDT
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