Introduction (by Joey T. Shabot)

Israeli technology companies providing software, payment, and other solutions for the gaming industry are closely watching regulatory trends related to online gaming in different jurisdictions throughout the world. This legal update from our colleagues in Illinois may point to a trend in some U.S. states to permit online and mobile wagering.


The Illinois Senate passed the gaming expansion bill June 2, 2019, and sent the legislation to the governor’s desk. This GT Alert provides a general summary of the gaming expansion bill followed by a more detailed review of the Sports Wagering Act (the Act). We will continue to monitor the response to the legislation in the coming days and will update this Alert as clarifications and new interpretations become available. The Senate has 30 days from June 2 to present the bill to Governor Pritzker; however, we anticipate that the governor will receive the bill shortly. It is also expected that the governor will not wait the allotted 60 days to sign the bill into law.

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