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Ali Brodie focuses her practice on global business immigration and employer compliance law, and has a wide range of experience handling both immigrant and non-immigrant matters including treaty investors, professionals, managers and executives, immigrant investors, individuals of extraordinary ability, and marriage-based permanent residency. Ali regularly counsels employers on Form I-9 employment verification matters, conducts audits of corporate clients’ employment eligibility verification documents on both the Federal and State levels, and prepares immigration compliance plans.

shutterstock_74614888Immigrant entrepreneurs and investors have always been at the core of the American economy.  Immigrant-founded companies have generated billions of dollars in revenues and contributed intellectual property leading to significant socio-economic advancements within the United States.  Foreign-born entrepreneurs are a critical component to the advancement of the U.S. emerging technology space and it is important to note the variety of visa options available.  This initial post will provide an overview of the nonimmigrant and immigrant visa options available to entrepreneurs and investors in the emerging tech space with future posts focusing on the visa specifics.
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