In their continued tradition of reviewing the ever-evolving tech scene in Israel, the country’s IVC Research Center released the IVC-Meitar HI-2021 Tech Review, outlining key trends regarding the Israeli tech industry’s corporate activities during HI, 2021. The review provides insight into the inbound investments, public capital market activities and M&A transactions involving Israeli companies.

According to the data collected, the authors propose five key insights to consider:

  • With $6.52 billion invested in 230 Israeli tech deals in QII/2021, and capital raising in HI/2021 ($11.9 billion) exceeding capital raised for all 2020 ($10.3 billion), Israeli tech attracts investors while money is available for deployment.
  • US investors show dominance, not only in growth rounds, and are now also present in early rounds.
  • With over thirty-eight $100 million investment deals in HI/2021 which are responsible for nearly 50% of the total amount raised, Israeli tech continues its maturity and growth.
  • HI/2021 has demonstrated increased liquidity in capital markets as well as growth investments, leading to slower M&A activity as a means to an exit, expected to lead to an accelerating trend of private companies deploying the funds raised and expanding their business through acquisitions.

Key Facts & Figures

Containing lots of additional details and statistical information, we encourage you to check out the full report here.