recent report compiled and published by Viola Ventures, shows another record-breaking period for Israel’s eco-system.

Key takeaways from Viola’s report:

  • H1’21 brought a 125% increase in fundraising activity compared with in H1’20 ($12.2 billion).
  • The first six months of 2021 exceeded 2020’s total annual funding, with a higher rate than the rest of the world, the U.S. included.
  • Israel remains the 4th largest tech ecosystem in terms of capital raised (right after the U.S., China, and the UK), which illustrates its attractiveness for local and global investors.
  • Early stage remains healthy, while average deal size increased to $9.2 million.
  • Growth and mega-rounds continue to act as a major growth driver. 72 growth-rounds (compared with 48 in H1’20), and an all-time high of 40 mega-rounds, x5 the volume in H1’20. Overall, the number of mega-rounds in H1’21 resembles a full-year activity scope!
  • The number of unicorns continues to grow at an unprecedented rate: 24 Unicorns added in the last six months, ranking Israel as #2 globally in producing new unicorns, twice as many as China.
  • H1’21’s  IPO surge exceeded that of 2020, and all previous years, reaching a record number of $62.1 billion (market cap).
  • With an increase both in number and size in H1’21, secondary is becoming a more common liquidity strategy. That is demonstrated by the  rate of undisclosed secondary rounds of total capital raised that has grown from 15% in 2019 to 20% in H1’21.

Viola is a leading Israeli tech-focused investment group aimed at supporting Israeli or Israeli-related early-stage tech startups in the global arena.