Join GT’s Chair of the Global Patent Prosecution Group Barry SchindlerIP & Technology Shareholder Adam Snukal and Patent Agent Dr. Mark Ruberto for the In-House IP Manager Forum Webinar “IP Issues in Different Technology Areas Leveraging AI and Big Data”.

As more technology platforms and solutions are architected around an artificial intelligence (AI) foundation, businesses will need to consider both the internal and external effects on AI, particularly around intellectual property protection of AI.  This webinar will examine the following related topics:

  • Does the specific industry vertical demand special considerations when it comes to developing/using AI?

  • Should AI patent applications be written differently depending upon the industry vertical?

  • Unique challenges that we’ve encountered when prosecuting AI patent applications across different industry verticals; and

  • Best practices when it comes to protecting AI within select industry verticals

When: Wednesday, September 9 | 16.00 – 17.00 IDT

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