According to a fascinating study conducted by Israeli investment house Harel-Hertz, the year 2020 proved to be another record year for economic relations between Japan and Israel. In-bound investments from Japanese investments into Israeli companies amounted to over US $1 billion, a 20% increase compared to 2019 investments valued at just over US $900 million.

The trend of Japanese investment in Israel has steadily been growing in the past 20 years, resulting in over US$ 8.2 billion spanning over 300 investments. This year alone, the volume of Japanese investments in Israel accounted for 11.1% of all high-tech investments in the country.

The growth of business opportunities between the two countries can be attributed, to certain extent, to bi-lateral government agreements and collaboration in the spaces of security, cyber and agriculture. These have helped broaden the circle of Japanese investors, which now include car manufacturers, electronics manufacturers, financial institutions, insurance companies and small and medium-sized venture capital funds, in addition to trading companies and large industrial companies. Japanese presence on the ground in Israel is also shaping to be a central pillar in the growing business cooperation, with 15 Japanese venture capital funds currently operating in Israel.

To get access to the full report, which includes lots of helpful data, please reach out to Harel-Hertz via their website.