Managing Shareholder Emeritus of the Fort Lauderdale office and an Israel Practice member Brian Sherr recently attended the cornerstone ceremony for the restoration of the Tiferet Yisrael Synagogue in Jerusalem.

Brian serves as a leading member of a group working towards restoring the ancient synagogue which was destroyed in the 1948 War. Banned from the Old City of Jerusalem for nearly 20 years post its destruction, the Jewish community returned to witness the Synagogue’s ruins after Israel took back the Old City in the 6 Days War.

Together with Israeli Ministers and the Mayor of Jerusalem, Brian is committed to ensuring this historical landmark is fully restored. Interviewed by i24 News, Brian commented on his involvement in the project and said: “It’s difficult today to raise money for it, but it is one of the great pieces of Jewish history, religion and geography in the world, and we will get it done.”

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